A101: Naaguja

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Tindale (1974)
O'Grady et al (1966)
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Nowkadja [Gratte MS 4134$7516]
Language comment
Gratte 91998) provides transcriptions of language data recorded from a speaker who called it Nowkadja (A101), though he suggests the alternative Ngukaja (A101), the spelling also used by Daisy Bates (Gratte 2007). Gratte notes that the Aboriginal community of the Geraldton (Chapman Valley) area has adopted this spelling and treat it as 'their tribal name for the Geraldton area'. He says that this is not quite accurate as there were likely about four dialects with a 100 km radius of Geraldton. Von Brandenstein (1967:2) worked with the same speaker as Gratte but reports different names supplied by the speaker - Njaakurdi and Nanagarri - and notes that the language was clearly a mix of more than one variety, including Wadjarri A39 and Nanda W14 in addition to 'Njaakurdi'. It is not clear whether 'Njaakurdi' is a variant of Ngukaja, but Douglas (1976:6) gives 'Nangarri' as a variant of his Noongar / Nyungar W41 dialect, Nanakati A93. Blevins (2001) conflates these two names (as does Oates 1975), describing the southern dialect of Nhanda W14 as 'Amangu W12 (also known as Amandyo, Nhaaguja (A101?), Njaagurdi, and Nyaakurti A93?'. She locates it 'from Geraldton (Champion Bay) south to Hill River and inland to Mullewa', an area which takes in the area of Nhanhagardi A93 described by Elefsiniotis (2008 p.c.). Marmion (2007 p.c.) says that based on the wordlists available from the region, it appears Ngukaja (A101) would have been mutually intelligible with Nhanda W14. Thus, he suspects that it is a dialect of Nhanda.

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Chapman Valley (Gratte, 1998)
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