A113: Byro Wajarri

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Byro Wajarri

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The Bundiyarra Aboriginal Community Aboriginal Corporation web site lists Byro (A113) among 'some of' the Wajarri / Wadjarri A39 dialects, the others being Birdungu A40, Nharnu A115, Nhugarn A71, Mileura A114 and Ngunuru A112. Marmion (1996:6-7) does not include Byro Wajarri in his description of Wajarri A39 dialects. Marmion (2015 p.c.) notes that in more recent times Wajarri varieties have been referred to by station names in the area, such as Byro station and Mileura station, leading to some names existing in parallel with older names. He says that Byro Wajarri is probably equivalent to Nhugarn A71. Given that this is likely to be equivalent to Nhugarn A71, and in the absence of any items in the AIATSIS collection referring to it, Byro Wajarri is not included as a distinct language heading in the Thesaurus.

Bundiyarra Aboriginal Community Aboriginal Corporation. Mid West Languages. <http://www.bundiyarra.org.au/index.php?page=mid_west_languages#section6>, viewed 25 November 2015.
Marmion, Doug. 1996. A description of the morphology of Wajarri, University of New England: BA (Hons). (MS 4096).

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Byro station (Elefsiniotis 2007 p.c.)
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