A122: Kakutu / Kakurtu

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Kakutu / Kakurtu

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McKelson (nd) describes two dialects of Malgana A65: 'riverside Malgana' in the north-east, adjacent to the Fitzroy River, and 'bush Mangala', south-east of La Grange Mission. He does not provide data or descriptions of these dialects, though he makes notes in 1989 (Series 5, Item 2) that may correspond to dialectal differences. Weber (2009:3) reports that Wangka Maya Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre refers to these dialects according to the word for closing a discussion or event: ‘Kakutu/Kakurtu’ (riverside) and ‘Ngulatu/Ngulartu’ (bush) A123. Weber notes that, while the differences between these dialects have not been documented, the Mangarla dialect described in Hudson (1973) differs phonologically from that described in McKelson (1989, Series 5, Item 4).

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... spoken to the north east, in an area adjacent to the Fitzroy river (McKelson, nd).
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