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[Group portrait of unidentified men, women and children wearing loin clothes and holding spears beside a river]

[Point Charles] lighthouse

[Unidentified men] in the jungle, [one man reclining on the ground]

[Unidentified men] in the jungle [holding rifles]

[An unidentified man sitting with a dog beneath a palm tree on] Cocoa-nut Avenue

Avenue to East Point - [a dirt path through bushland with an unidentified man at the rear]

[A group of tall] banyan trees [along a dirt road in grassland, an unidentified man standing in front]

[Group of unidentified people gathered near thatched shelters and holding spears]

[View of a building and workers at] Daly River Copper Mine

[Group of people] receiving blankets [from the government]

[Portrait of] Buck [holding a spear and woomera (spear thrower)]

[A boat docked at shore with men on board - a pile of sacks at the rear, possibly filled with copper]

[View of a] railway station [near the shore]

[An unidentified woman wearing a nose peg and a beaded necklace]

[An unidentified woman with a child on her shoulders - foliage at the rear]

[An unidentified man wearing a nose peg and a beaded necklace, with scarification on his torso and arms]

[Landscape view of] railway workshops

[Landscape view of a beach with houses and buildings visible the rear]