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Choir members taking their seats outside Flynn Memorial Uniting Church

Accompanied by a bagpipe player, the VIPs take their places [for a performance possibly including the Ernabella girls' choir]

[Ernabella school students, including] choir members, seated at the event

Governor General William Slim opens door [for an important building, while community members watch and a man is filming]

Group portrait of choir rehearsing for Sunday service

Lazarus Lami Lami of Goulburn Island addressing choir [with students and teachers watching]

[Group portrait including teacher, Reverend R M Trudinger, Winifred Hilliard, Lazarus Lami Lami, Mr Ellermore, Bernard Tjalkuri (in the suit), Tony Ferguson (blue cardigan) and the Ernabella Choir]

[Crowd gathers for the] Labour Day sports

Running race with Peter and Raymond competing

[Presentation ceremony with] Bernard receiving prize

Portrait of Reverend R M Trudinger (on left) and Peter (Evangelist from Hermannsburg)

Choir singing [whilst traveling, taking a break on the roadside with Reverend Trudinger (centre, white shirt)]

Group portrait of Nyuringka, Nyirpiwa, Kukika and Dolly Ungakini - original spinners, by a tree

Group portrait of four unidentified original craft girls

[The Ernabella craft workers put masses of spinifex grass on the roof to insulate the roof of the new craft room]

Craft workers sitting with their children, making rugs together

Winifred Hilliard with craft workers and their children, sitting outside original craft room

Craft workers and their children sitting outside old craft room, working on crafts

Two unidentified girls looking at images posted on school walls

Ernabella craft workers making a floor rug in the craft room

Unidentified Ernbella craft workers making floor a rug

Portrait of Angkuna holding her finished rug

Portrait, of (left to right) - Tjikatu, Napuru, Mayawara and Amanyi holding their finished rugs

Portrait of three unidentified craft workers holding their finished floor rugs

Portrait (from left) - Nganyintja, Nyinguta and Kalykulya, with finished floor rugs

Group portrait of Ernabella craft workers holding up their finished floor rugs

Mayawara, working on the loom

First patterned baby's blanket, by Mayawara, on the loom

Mayawara weaving on the loom

Stole by Muwitja and rug by Mayawara

Napuru and Tjalara sitting at a desk, painting

Handpainted scarves

Dress length by Watulya

[Two Indigenous women holding a length of material designed by Watulya, destined become a dress]

Craft workers painting designs

Patjiparans art design, partly finished

Collection of Ernabella art designs, displayed on a board

Ernabella children visiting the handcraft display

Portrait of Polly Mayawara by the garden, in her own made dress

Portrait of Mayawara and Muwitja in jumpers they knitted without patterns

[Craft workers' children gathered for a group portrait by the fence]

New wading pool for craft workers' children

[Craft workers' children] drying off after a paddle in the wading pool

All in the [craft workers' children] in the wading pool together

Makinti and Maniya playing on a rocking chair

[Craft workers' children playing outside with toys on rugs]

Portrait of Tjimpayi and Umuka in the playground, with a toy car and a toy bike

Toddlers playing in the wading pool, cooling off

[Group portrait of Ernabella children, some with white body paint designs on chest, arms and face]

[Ernabella craft workers' children in a wading pool enjoying water play]

Close up of McLennon tartan knee rug

Nyukana, painting scarf

Three tartan knee rugs - close up of designs

Two handwoven stoles

Hand crafted moccasin shoes, with painted designs

From left - Maybelle sitting with Muwitja, at loom

Unidentified group of children looking at the Ernabella handcraft display

Hand crafted moccasin shoes, with painted designs

Pink Greek lace scarf

Offering bag, a gift for the opening of the Flynn Church in Alice Springs by the Ernabella craft people

Shanbag draped over a bench seat

[A stand displaying craft from the Ernabella community featured at an Indigenous political activism rally in Seymour, Victoria]

Six handwoven Ernabella knee rugs complete with labels

Woven tartan style knee rugs

Rugs made at Ernabella for entries for the craft pavilion Melbourne Show

Greek lace blue stole

Hand painted silk scarves

Knitted pullovers in natural wool, made by Ernabella craft workers

Art design by Tjikalyi

Display showing Ernabella historical and craft information, featured at the Alice Springs show

Display showing Ernabella historical and craft information, featured at the Alice Springs show

Topsy spinning wool, at the Alice Springs show

Nyukana, busy painting at the Ernabella stall at the Alice Springs show

Hand crafted fur slippers

Hand crafted fur rug - off cuts shaped into map of Australia and sewn together

Close up of the design and colour of a knee rug designed and woven by Mayawara

Nyukana, displaying her completed rug

Prizes awarded to Ernabella artists from the Melbourne Show

Tjikalyi displaying her completed rug

Patjiparan with completed first design as you go rug

[View of unidentified Indigenous women and a child manning the Ernabella Mission stall at the] Alice Springs Show

Art drying outside on a rack with Winifred Hilliard and an unidentified child looking at it

[Unidentified Indigenous artist working] - design grows

Patjiparan painting

Yipati painting

Art design by Angkuna

Nyukana weaving tapestry

Completed wall hanging tapestry by Nyukana

Woven rugs laid out to dry on the lawn

Katy standing with unidentified children holding her woven rugs

Completed artwork on tablecloth and serviettes

Floor rug design and made by Tjikalyi

Portrait of Patjiparan

Finished product - silk screened table mat set - first attempts at silk screen printing

Ernabella Mission vehicle with unidentified Indigenous people in the tray - en route to Alice Springs Show

[Ernabella artists working at their stand at the] Alice Springs Show

[Ernabella artists working at their stand at the] Alice Springs Show

Four unidentified toddlers standing together in a clearing, during a picnic

[Unidentified Indigenous women] working covering dampers with hot coals at the H/C picnic

[Unidentified child at the] H/C picnic