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[Close up view of] spear heads

Stone axe found near Marlor Bore and stone knives from Yuendumu

[Group of unidentified women] digging for witchetty grubs

Unidentified Indigenous girls cooking witchetty grubs in the campfire coals

Portrait of Nyukana Baker digging for water

Unidentified women gathering mistletoe berries

Portrait of Tjalara Nyaningu with two milpali or small goannas

Digging dishes

[Two hands displaying] Tjanmata [bush onion and the leaves of the bush onion are called] nyiri

Tjanmata bush onion and the leaves of the bush onion are called nyiri

Maku - witchetty grubs

Wild fig

Centralian digging dish and paper bark carrier from Bentincks (example Bentinck Islanders)

[A woman holding a pitchi with a large amount of Kanini wakati which is an edible seed variety]

Dolly Ungakini grinding wakati

Harvest of Witita a fungus that grows on sandhills

Honey ants situated next to a ruler

Toddlers holding the tail of a dead perentie goanna

Yangkuyi (right) with another woman demonstrating mangka milimili (hair style worn by mothers of adolescent boys)

Community gathered around as Ulpuru calls