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Yipati diving into the Nightcliff swimming pool

Floor rug designed with natural dark colours

A completed floor rug

Unidentified artists brushing the almost completed fleece rug

Unidentified artists working on floor rug

A bright Batik design

Batik design

Batik designs

Unidentified Indigenous artist sitting, painting designs

Yaritji putting dyed pieces of art out to dry

Portrait of artist Angela Ken working at the loom

Angkuna sitting, waxing the fabric

A carved wooden sculpture of a bird

Indigenous artist sitting, waxing batik

[Ernabella display area consisting of a light box to view negatives, shelves, wall mount for batiks and other art]

Mural on wall designed by Yipati

Dennis Cox fastening one of Yipati's art works to the wall - [two unidentified children sitting on ladder observing]

Batik fabric design

[A non Indigenous mother and child browsing the Ernabella] display area

Nyurpaya working on her painting with a spare brush in her hair

Winifred Hilliard sitting amongst the Ernabella craft workers

Yayimpi sitting at the loom working

[An unidentified artist with] design growing

Floor rug

Portrait of Yurpiya Margaret

[A batik wall hanging displayed by an unidentified Indigenous artist]

Tjunkaya working at the loom

Starting first dyeing [with immersion technique]

[Art works including sculptures and wall hangings featured at the] Jam Factory exhibition

Sculptures displayed at the Jam Factory exhibition

[Unidentified Ernabella artist sitting on the floor of the Jam Factory exhibition making a rug with women watching on]

The weaver's touch - [unidentified artist working the loom]

Winifred Hilliard working in her office writing in a ledger

Tjikalyi's design for new rug - [Tjikalyi is sitting in the craftroom with two unidentified women and a baby]

Indigenous artist referring back to the dye chart, while making artwork

Display area filled with wooden sculptures and beadwork

Jam Factory exhibition [Pukumani poles]

Jam Factory exhibition piece [floor rug]

Jam Factory exhibition - carvings and scupltures on display

Jam Factory exhibition piece [floor rug]

[Art works including sculptures and wall hangings featured at the] Jam Factory exhibition

[Unidentified man working with the] wool equipment

Wool scouring and dyeing equipment

[Unidentified man working with the] wool equipment

Batik dyed fabric

Batik dyed silk

Batik dyed fabric

[Indingeous artist] marking out design for batik

[Indigenous artist standing in a wet area] dyeing batik

[Indigenous artists sitting on the floor of the Ernabella Arts room] making large rug

[Winifred Hilliard running a stall selling Ernabella batik prints at the Cooper Pedy Show]

[Winifred Hilliard and an unidentified Indigenous artist running a stall selling Ernabella batik prints]

Ernabella batik artwork being sold to a United States study group travelling through to Uluru

Batik preaching stole (Uniting Church)

Alesha wearing an Ernabella batik dress

Batik design by Makinti

Batik design [by Yipati - detail of 000086390]

Batik design by Yipati

Batik design by Yipati [detail of 000086390]

Close up of a batik design [by Makinti - see 000086388]