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Jake Lovett and Myrtle Muir

Honour roll at church, 1914-1918; Henry Thorpe, military medal winner, died in France, 1918

Jimmy Moyle (known as Jimmy Onus), and Alick Jackomos

(Left to right) Margaret Nicholson, Ivy Wise, Elsie Taylor, Mary Taylor, Letty Nicholls, Lorna Wise, and Effy Walsh

Government reception at the Lodge during National Aborigines Week

Dignitaries at the opening of the AAL [Aborigines Advancement League] Centre

Don Farmer, Charles Perkins, Sir [Thomas Wardle] (Lord Mayor of Perth), Pastor Doug Nicholls, George Bracken, and Eric Simms

Daryl Rose, Paul Edwards, Leah Kanoa, Frank Stewart, and ? Taylor

[Large group portrait]

Bill Onus with unidentified children [holding 'vote yes for Aboriginal rights' sign]

Alick and Merle Jackomos with Margaret Briggs at Aboriginal Ball

Alf Morgon (born c1854), aged 13, in school uniform of Reserve School

[Alf] Morgon's residence

Alf Morgon [rear], his twin Louise (left), and his wife Aggie Ingram [right]

Unidentified women and children

Mrs Green (wife of Superintendent) with school girls

Mr and Mrs Fenton - double wedding performed by the Reverend W. Shaw

[Unidentified men with horse and cart at] Coranderrk Reserve - manager's house in background

Mr and Mrs McDougall at double wedding performed by the Reverend W. Shaw

Aboriginal mother and child - the mother has decorative scars