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[Unidentified] Aboriginal stockman

[Wooden shelter with family sitting outside]

View of station

Alec McRae holding Dorothy, Mary McRae holding Angeline (born 12 December 1909)

[Group portrait of] the Merri Singers and Dancers

School house

Elizabeth Hoffman at her home

John Bulmer with Lake Tyers people

Hay gathering

Dispensary in administration block

Sewing room where women were taught sewing

[Two unidentified women] inside typical cottage

Postcard - 'the first bush fire brigade' - [boys standing in a circle urinating]

Storeroom in administration block

Foster Moffatt and 'Choppy' Albert Hayes making a bark canoe for the Museum of Victoria

Handover of title at Lake Tyers - Bill and Margaret Tregoning, with Phillip Harrison in background

Connie Alberts and Iris Lovett

[Two young children standing outside doorway to] dormitory at mission

Alberts family, taken at old Alberts home in Dunmore - Connie Hart on far right

[Unidentified woman] outside humpy, getting water

Bevan Nicholls

Cora Charles

Murial, Dennis, and Dolly Charles, with Clive Charles at rear

Cousins Cedric and Amy Briggs

Alf Turner, grandson of William Cooper, in his 1947 Vauxhall

Gordon Aulten and Don Howe [beside housing] on 'the Flat', on the bend of the Goulburn River

[Group portrait of] Antwerp and Dimboola families - formerly from Ebenezer mission which closed at turn of century

[Men on bicycles, about to begin race?]

Connie Hart (nee Alberts) in air raid shelter

Lena Austin

Children in front of humpy

Christmas tree party - [children sitting outside on rug eating food]

[Group gathered around] organ at gospel meeting

[Group photograph at] Christmas tree party

Postcard from Wallace Alberts, VX38057 Gunner, 4th anti tank regiment - prisoner of war in Singapore

Postcard from Wallace Alberts, VX38057 Gunner, 4th anti tank regiment - prisoner of war in Singapore

Roll of honour at St Mary's Mission Church - now in St John's Anglican Church, Heywood

Letter sent to mother of Wally [Wallace] Alberts, who died as a prisoner of war in Singapore

Letter sent to mother of Wally [Wallace] Alberts, who died as a prisoner of war in Singapore

George Alberts (in Air Force uniform), Connie Hart (nee Alberts), and Jean Alberts (their daughter)

George McKinnon [in uniform]

Murray Lovett [in uniform]

Wally Alberts, VX38057, gunner 4th anti tank regiment, [in uniform]

Wally Alberts, VX38057, gunner 4th anti tank regiment, [in uniform beside] non-Aboriginal soldier

[Portrait of] Stewart Murray

Alice Lovett with her cousin Mary King, who worked in a munitions factory

Snowy Bridges, Maggie Crompton (nee Terrick), and her son Freddie Crompton

[Group singing and playing instruments at] Aunty Marge Tucker's concert party to raise money for the Red Cross

Harry Saunders with Bob Lovett, outside St Mary's Church of England (later demolished and used in new church in Hamilton)

Audrey Clarke (nee Couzens) and Bill Edwards [in uniform]

Wally Carter and unidentified friend [in uniform]

Tina McKinnon and her son George McKinnon [in uniform]

Donny Hart (from South Australia) [in uniform]

Jimmy Moyle (also known as Jimmy Onus or Ritchie) [in uniform]

Herb Lovett [in uniform] - World War I digger, 5th machine gun Battalion, AIF [Australian Imperial Force]

Stewart Murray [in uniform]

[Portrait of] Stewart Murray [in uniform]

Tommy Clarke from Border Town (S.A.), with cousin Edna Brown (nee Clarke) from Framlingham

Alick Jackomos [in uniform], 2nd 1st field workshop

[Portrait of] Tommy Nivens [in uniform] - killed in action, Papua New Guinea

Alick Jackomos, 2nd/14th Infantry Battalion - taken on the way to New Guinea

[Signed portrait of] Wally Alberts [in uniform] - VX 38057, 4th anti tank regiment - prisoner of war, killed in action

Alick Jackomos with members of 2nd/1st field workshop, stopping at Oodnadatta on the way to Alice Springs and Darwin on the 'Ghan'

Alick Jackomos (centre front) with 2nd/14th Infantry Batallion

Alick Jackomos with Joy Westcot, American sailor of US Phoenix, [aboard 'Spirit of Progress']

Les Darkie Moyle [in uniform] and grandson Jimmy Moyle

Les Darkie Moyle with servicemen and women, before going to the Middle East

Alick Jackomos (second from lett) [with group of men at] Broadmeadows military camp - 2nd/1st field workshops

[Portrait of] Pat Owens (Clare family) [in uniform]

Alick Jackomos (far left) [and other soldiers of the 2nd/14th Battalion waving from the deck of a ship returning from New Guinea]

Percy Clark holding 'we have survived' poster

Lexie Edwards, daughter of Howard Edwards and Beatty Kirby, [with dog on leash]

Women weaving baskets

Maude Pepper, Gloria Davis and Dora Green [sitting in kitchen drinking tea]

Elizabeth Hoffman and granddaughter Narida Whyman

Roslyn Watson, ballerina

Edna Brown and Kath Walker receiving NADOC award

Stewart Murray at [Aboriginal] Advancement League office

Funeral of Doug Nicholls

Edna Brown, Cissy Smith and Mary Phillips at [Aboriginal] Advancement League handing over of title of the Sir Douglas Nicholls oval