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Mullewa railway line

Railway footbridge leading to camps across tracks

Mullewa camp

Man carting water from the railway tap

Sunday morning people drinking tea at Mullewa camp

Jack Comeagain's place

Comeagain's fireplace, Fanny cooking in the ashes

Fireplace with dog

Child playing near camps

Mullewa camp

Family (Cameron?) sitting on harvester

Ulie Dingo and Ned Papertalk

Ulie Dingo, Ned Papertalk and man chatting

Women and children at Mullewa camp

Mother feeding baby

Women at Mullewa camp

Men at Mullewa

Children from Mullewa camp

Tommie Phillips, Ruth Fink and Daphne Flanigan

Michael Ryan with wildflowers

Michael Ryan and unidentified man with wildflowers

Michael Ryan and sister with wildflowers

Michael Ryan with wildflowers

Michael Ryan holding baby Arnold Dann

Unidentified man holding lizard at Mullewa camp

Mullewa camp

Mullewa races

Mullewa races

Mullewa races

Two Yamadji women at Mullewa races

Jack Comeagain, Ned Cameron [centre] and unidentified man at Yalgoo races

Ned Cameron at Yalgoo races

[Ned Cameron] gambling at Yalgoo races

Gambling at Yalgoo races

Spectator at Yalgoo races

Entrance to Yalgoo races

Camp behind Yalgoo races

Yalgoo camp

Race horses at Yalgoo

Mullewa town

Mullewa town street

Men in front of University of W.A. Landrover used for research trips

Station workers visiting town camp

Ned Papertalk

Mother and baby

Yank Jones

Lilly Milly Milly

Shearing team heading north from Mullewa

Road to stations north Mullewa

Fanny Comeagain, travelling with Ruth Fink in Landrover to visit stations

Road to Geraldton

Ulie Dingo and grandson Brucie

Ulie Dingo with Landrover heading for Geraldton

Road to Geraldton

Ulie Dingo near Geraldton

Ruth Fink and Ulie Dingo

Ulie Dingo at Geraldton lighthouse

Mullewa camp visitor

Jack Nullagine

Jack Nullagine

Jack Nullagine with Tardun mission children

Jack Nullagine

Jack Nullagine with two elders

Broncho Dann and others

Meekatharra races

Meekatharra races

Sandy Green

Near Meka station

Crutching team at Wooleen station


Workers at outcamp

Clarrie Whitehouse, Matt Nugie and Tom Ryan (?) in front of Landrover

Shearers' quarters

Accomodation at Wooleen

Outside fireplace

Battleaxe Crow (elder)

Battleaxe Crow and son playing poker, onlooker on bicycle

Battleaxe Crow and others playing cards

Battleaxe Crow's old jalopy

Battleaxe Crow's old jalopy - people pushing it to start

Another vehicle

Driver in vehicle


Ernie Boddington, foreman

Ernie Boddington

Sacred rock place

University Landrover near rock hole

Road to Carnarvon

Carnarvon reserve

Camps at Carnarvon

Ex-army hut

Three men singing, clapping with boomerangs

Singer (Billy Hughes?), Carnarvon Reserve

Billy Hughes singing

Man and child at Carnarvon Reserve

May Tyson at Carnarvon Reserve

May Tyson with pet kangaroo at Carnarvon Reserve

Lockyer, Jim Crow, Jack, Eric Hill

Mustering at Meeberie station

Visitors to Ruth's camp at Meeberie