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Another vehicle

Driver in vehicle


Ernie Boddington, foreman

Ernie Boddington

Sacred rock place

University Landrover near rock hole

Road to Carnarvon

Carnarvon reserve

Camps at Carnarvon

Ex-army hut

Three men singing, clapping with boomerangs

Singer (Billy Hughes?), Carnarvon Reserve

Billy Hughes singing

Man and child at Carnarvon Reserve

May Tyson at Carnarvon Reserve

May Tyson with pet kangaroo at Carnarvon Reserve

Lockyer, Jim Crow, Jack, Eric Hill

Mustering at Meeberie station

Visitors to Ruth's camp at Meeberie

Battleaxe Crow and Mick Dooley sang traditional songs at Meeberie

Big Jim (?) elder at Meeberie at fireplace

Mick Dooley and Battleaxe Crow recording songs

Mick Dooley singing

Paddy and Laurie Donnelly

Laurie Donnelly and Fanny Comeagain

Card game

Laurie Donnelly, Fanny Comeagain, Big Jim (?)

Laurie Donnelly and elderly woman at her place

Two elderly women


Ruth Fink's tent

Horseman at Wooleen

[Woman at water pump]

Gordon Ryan, Sam 'Meka' Edwards - Christmas at Wooleen

Christmas dinner - John Derby, Dave and Banda

Ivy Wingo's Jinka cart

Wooleen elder

Ceremonial re-entry mock fight

Men awaiting ceremonial re-entry

Jigalong mission 'warrior'

Children at Jigalong Mission

Rations day at Jigalong

Young men at Jigalong mission awaiting employment

Female mission workers

Woman Waiting for rations

Jigalong mission buildings

House helpers sitting in camp with relatives

Old desert woman camped at Wiluna mission

Young woman with older relative

Woman and small boy, suffering from trachoma

Group of seated women and children

Young boy with shield

Deserted camp at Bondini's, shows hut frames

Bondini's camp - deserted


Dr Ronald Berndt, anthropologist on way to Warburton Ranges

University of W.A. Landrover on road to Warburtons