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Girl participating in an individual interview

Unidentified boy holding a football in the school yard, boy's dormitories across the yard

Students getting sandwiches (a piece) during morning recess

Portrait of Paul Dickerson, Denise Gilbert, Karen Gilbert and Bradley Miller [1st Quartile Group] participating in a group interview

Portrait of Neil Mongoo on the school steps

Children playing at the Pallotine Mission swimming pool

Woman with a pram standing in the entrance to the Mullewa District High School

Ian Malcolm poses with a puppet during an interview with Barry Carlton at Rangeway Primary School

Portrait of Kaye Malcolm and Matthew Malcolm outside the teacher's house

Ian Malcolm interviews Susan Barkhouse, Stephanie Sievwright, Carol Fletcher and Raylene Davies,

Portrait of Roberta Clancy, Stuart Bulley and Sheraleen Walker at Ingada Village

Portrait of Jamie Noble at Ingada Village

Portrait of Fishy Jones, Warren Clarke, Terrence Boona, Clancy Ugle, Jeremy Malcolm, Ian Malcolm and Matthew Malcolm on a trampoline at Ingada Village

Camellia Griffin on the trampoline at Ingada Village

Portrait of Noel McKenna, Warren Clarke, Terrence Boona, Hadley Jones, Thomas Dodd and Russell Jones recording themselves in Ingada Village

Elizabeth Ormorod and Monty Dodd leading the school assembly

Ian Malcolm interviewing Monty Dodd and Terrence Boona at Ingada Village

Morris Mitchell (on the sand pile), Brendon Roe, Peter Baumgarten and Kelvin Mitchell on the East Carnarvon Primary School sports ground

Portrait of (left to right) Richard Kelly, Kelvin Mitchell, Graham Ryan, Robert Winder, Clive Kelly, an unidentified boy and Lionel Kelly in the primary school playground

Children gathered in the quadrangle for the school assembly

Class photograph of Mrs Chubb's Grade 1 class

Bob Williams cutting tape to open the Koorda Club's garage workshop

Bob Williams outside his house at Ingada Village

Andy Krolikowski (Deputy Principal) and Elvie Mallard (Aboriginal Aide) presenting "Guest of Honour" certificates, at a Primary school

Davina Quartermaine and Debbie Dickerson seated during the East Carnarvon Primary School Assembly

Ian Malcolm interviewing Tina Injie, Rosanne Mippy, Lisa Condon and Jane Hyland, the 4th quartile group

Portrait of Tina Injie and Rosanne Mippy

Girls on the steps at the Roebourne Primary School

Portrait of Kelvin Edwards and Bruce Herbert sweeping up at Weerianna Hostel

Group portrait on the Homestead lawn

Ian Malcolm having a tea break with Susie and Lena, supervisors of hostel children

Kaye Malcolm reading a story to children at school in Middle Camp, before lessons start

Unidentified parent / teacher aide playing with pre school children

Unidentified girls playing marbles in the school playground

Unidentified girls playing netball in the school playground

Unidentified boys playing marbles in the school playground

Ian malcolm interviews Dwaine Derschaw, 2nd quartile individual interview

Portrait of Ian Malcolm, Susan, David, Brenda, Raymond, Helen, Danette, Kevin and Fred at the Marble Bar Hostel

Portrait of Ian Malcolm, Sharon Ball and Brenda Ball

Portrait of Helen Webb, Imelda McCann and Joanne McPhee on a bridge

Portrait of Jane Girgirba, Helen Campbell, Janet Campbell and Roslyn Nanji recording themselves on the school verandah

Portrait of Jonathon Mintern and Nicholas Charles

Mervyn Jeffries, Jeremy Malcolm and Ian Jeffries with audio recording equipment

Unidentified girls playing under the hose behind the Principal's residence

Group of children listening to Jeremy Malcolm's tape

Kevin, Keith and Arthur standing beside a camper van to farewell the Malcolm family

Group of children in a backyard with Ian Malcolm

Roderick, Jeremy Malcolm and Wesley Long recording and listening

Kaye Malcolm and Jeremy Malcolm talking to a group of children, near the caravan

Peggy Peterson holding the microphone for Dorothy Kelly

Trainee teacher Kerry Treacy oversees grade six / seven lessons

Wesley Long, Ian Malcolm and Alistair Sammy behind the Principal's house

Teacher Vivienne Penny with an informal group of students outside room five

Ray Girgirba and Kerry Kelly planting lawn in the school yard

Friday, the school gardner with the fourth quartile interview group, including Ian Jeffries, Kennedy Finlay, Ernest Ward and Clive Samson

Danny Girgirba near the playground

Jeremy Malcolm, Simon, Glen and two others with a tape recorder

Older children playing marbles in the school yard

Sunday afternoon hairdressing by Peggy Peterson in the outside classroom

Three children eating breakfast in the school yard

Children playing with fire outside the Principal's house

Group of boys eating "cocky seed" outside the Principlal's house

Michelle playing with the hose behind the girls' toilet

Children playing with a toy snake

Walter with a ging [sling] near school

Children in the playground

Morning ablutions before school

Unidentified children having a drink outside

Family watching events at the Gymkhana

Portrait of Marianne Shay, Beverley Gilla, Rhonda Shay and Ronald Edwards

Portrait of Fleur Blackborrow, Anthea Burkenhagen, Sarah Rice and Rochelle Baumgarten, Meekatharra district High School

Students playing a game of 'Prisoners' before school, at Meekatharra District High School

Boys posing for a picture during recess, at Meekatharra District High School

Year one and two children lined up in the quadrangle while Miss Hayes watches from the verandah of Meekatharra District High School

Nicole Kukura takes a reading group on the lawn

School children before school, with Matthew Malcolm (baby front centre)

Paul Williams and Lynette Jackman looking at the old open cut mine

Valerie Ashwin and Gavin Bingham in front of the mirror in the school breezeway

Paul Williams and Lynette Jackman looking at the old open cut mine

Jeremy Malcolm and Lynette Jackman in front of a ruined house near the old mine