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Unidentified children at holiday camp near the mouth of the Archer River

Unidentified children at holiday camp near mouth of the Archer River at lunch-time

Unidentified young people in the shade of a veteran 'Calophyllum' tree

Unidentified women leaving after the 8:30am religious service at the Mission

Unidentified mother and child crossing a street, with coconut and mango trees in background

Aboriginal housing made from corrugated iron

Newer Aboriginal housing made from timber

Housing seen in a typical street in the Aurukun Mission Village

Unidentified boys aged 15 to 17 years old from the mission dormitory in the morning church service parade

Unidentified group showing the 'master bell' on the verandah of the Superintendent's house

Superintendent's house and office, as donated by Mrs Wiper of Brisbane

The Reverend Bill McKenzie and unidentified children walking along the beach at holiday camp

Mission housing made of the bark of messmate (Eucalyptus tetradonta) with corrugated iron roofing

[Unidentified boy infant crying and being held by the upper arms by two women (faces not visible)]

Three unidentified male elders, the second wears a 'digger hat' in the same colours as the holiday camp uniforms

View of the front of Aboriginal housing including lantern, bucket and posters applied to bark sheeting

[Three unidentified young women seated while preparing coconuts for lunch ?] at holiday camp

Two unidentified men making a fishing spear with a woman looking on

Portrait of Sammy

Two unidentified men, one holding spears, standing with infant boys in the shade

Three unidentified women meeting for a chat before starting chores

Two unidentified women carrying infants

Jerry Hudson, head stockman, sitting on the back of a ute smoking a pipe

Open-air kitchen at Aurukun village including wooden steps, buckets, pot with lid and the remains of a fire

The Reverend W. F. McKenzie descending an outdoor staircase [Superintendent´?¢s house ?]

The new engineering shed showing the painted roof in order to guide visiting aircraft

Unidentified children wading through water behind a child (face not visible) in a rowing boat landing at the holiday camp

Group of unidentified women having a discussion while standing at the tea table

Portrait of unidentified man holding an infant

Alison Cameron, nursing assistant, and Dora, dispensary assistant, searching for bush medicines in grassy woodland

Unidentified man holding a knife sitting in a canoe fashioned from a Milkwood (Alstonia actinophylla) trunk using an iron axe

Unidentified girls and boys walking together at the holiday camp

Bus for use at Aurukun [delivered ?] all the way from Melbourne by boat to Weipa then by barge

Mr and Mrs McKenzie standing in front of a flowering tree by the water

Mission building near the Superintendent's residence

Unidentified man listening to the daily schedule by pedal radio on a boat trip between Aurukun and Weipa

Reverend Bill McKenzie 'surveying the prospect' standing by the shore

[Two unidentified men from Coen / Port Stewart talking with Paddy Killoran of the Department of Native Affairs (hand visible)]

Cowal Creek Government Settlement buildings and palm trees

Aerial view of Bamaga, showing staff houses, hospital, garage, picture show, piggery, and orchard

[Portrait of] Abigail Barsa, from Saibai Island posing in front of a property and wearing the characteristic hairstyle

[Portrait of] (left to right) John Barsa, Abigail Barsa and an unidentified child

Frank Arthur, Reverend Stuckie and unidentified man recording a message for Mapoon on a tape recorder

Paddy Killoran, Alan Hamilton, Reverend Stuckie and (?) Edinborough in vehicle

Unidentified male schoolchildren playing with home-made 'steamroller' toys

[Vehicle and termite nests (?) near] the overland telegraph line that goes south from Bamaga

[Portrait of] Ruth Mau and her baby Gloria mau, on a Monday morning at the clinic

[Four unidentified men waiting at the Superintendent's office at 7:45 am]

Scenery north-east of Cape York including old jetty, graves and a house on the hill

Unidentified group of women and children living up at the kindergarten and clinic on a Monday morning

Snow Woosup at 'Jackey Jackey' airstrip and monument (the American name for the airstrip during WWII was Higginsfield)

[Unidentified man refuelling a 'dilapidated' vehicle]

Aerial view of sandy promontory, Mapoon and airstrip

Unidentified children posing around the steps of a house

[Unidentified man seated on steps of a house]

[Portrait of] five boys wearing 'lava-lavas' posing near a house

[Portrait of] Janet Bamaga and Lady (?) Bamaga

[A row of seven new houses, about six months old]

Outdoor picture-show or walk-in cinema (?)

[Three unidentified children including boy running away from the photographer]

Unidentified stockman from a nearby private cattle station on Galloway's Creek Road

Len Webb (driving WWII army jeep) and Geoff Tracey (with shotgun), end of the overland telegraph line in background

Bamaga from the air, looking south, with the so-called 'native quarter' in the foreground and road to Red Island Point

Bamaga from the air, looking south, with the so-called 'native quarter' in the foreground and road to Red Island Point

Two Aboriginal houses, with shop at the far end

Bamaga school building

[Portrait of] the Phineasa family posing in front of a well-established house

Unidentified families and dogs walking along Red Island Point Road, girls are wearing coconut leaf skirts from the previous night's 'sing-sing'

A row of houses on the eastern side of the main street

Phineasa family posing in front of a well-established house

Vehicle carrying barrels driving along the edge of Jackey-Jackey / Higginsfield airstrip

Snow Woosup at the memorial on the edge of Jackey-Jackey / Higginsfield airstrip

Houses in Cowal Creek Government settlement

Two unidentified people watching a Cessna piloted by Arthur Callard landing at Jackey-Jackey/Higginsfield before flight

[Group of unidentified adults and children constituting a fishing party]

Happy fishing family party with view of the characteristic tropical grassy woodland (savannah) and scattered termite mounds

[Row of seven houses about six months old, built to accommodate displaced people from Mapoon]

(Left to right): Reverend Stuckey, Mr Edinborough, and the Superintendent of Bamaga, Alan Hamilton

[Portrait of] Janet Bamaga and her mother in law Lady Bamaga

[Portrait of] Lady Bamaga