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[Landscape view of the Blackstone area, also known as Papulankutja of Ngaanyatjarra-Giles region]

View of mining camp accomodation at base of mountains

[Unidentified people standing outside] Lanes' house

[Children Janet and Johnny Lane standing amongst other unidentified adults at the Blackstone mining accomodation]

Portrait of Janet and Johnny Lane - [Janet is holding a circular piece of bark and a stick - possibly Indigenous tools]

[Janet and Johnny Lane seated with others on a sand dune, during a] picnic

[Possibly Andy (Indigenous minister), speaking with non Indigneous people on Papulankutja land]

Camp fire [with a non Indigenous woman tending to it]

[Two vehicles parked on a dirt road, with people gathered at the back with] Mr McDougall

View of road to Rawlinson Range

View of road to Rawlinson Range

[Unidentified non Indigenous man with his children, trading with Papulankutja men]

[Landscape view of the Papulankutja region, featuring the Rawlinson Range]

[The Lane family and Mr McDougall] studying map in camp

View od men working during the building of Giles weather station

[The Lane family, Elliot family and Mr McDougall being shown around the camp by possibly Andy Hulme (Indigenous minister)]

Group, including Mr Andy Hulme, Mr McDougall and Allison Elliott outside the Giles Weather Station

[Group portrait of children from the Papulankutja region, sitting together smiling]

[Portrait of an Indigenous couple from the Papulankutja region]

Portrait of two smiling Indigenous mothers from the Papulankutja region

Portrait of an Indigenous man from the Papulankutja region