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[Unidentified children lined up in front of the school house with their teachers] - tidying up for school

Line-up for hair brushing [with younger children assisted by older children]

Patjiparan outside with class [reading in the shade of a tree]

Portrait of Ngintja, Tjunkaya and Tinpulya [after bath, sitting in the sunshine smiling]

Portrait of Malya Teamay, Tjatjitja and Murray George smiling, possibly outside the school house building

Portrait of Mantuwa, Kuyata, Wiltiwa and Itjiwalyi smiling, possibly outside the school house building

Portrait of the first clothed group of school children

Children receive holiday rations

Children receiving Saturday ration

Children being checked for head lice after arriving from bush holiday

Nancy Nicholson teaching junior primary school students in a classroom

[School yard view of school students playing games]

Shirley Hill with senior primary school children, teaching in a classroom

Wood work by senior boys - unidentified group of boys posing by crafts, outside

Christmas concert with folk dancing [with children dancing to accordian music]

Christmas concert [being led by teacher Nancy Nicholson]

[Unidentified Indigenous] men watching school concert

[Children sitting at dinner tables sharing a meal during the school] Christmas party

Children's Christmas party - unidentified children wearing party hats

Father Christmas [attending the children's Christmas Party]

Children receive gifts [from Father Christmas and Nancy Nicholson]

Father Christmas and all [community members enjoying Christmas Party]

[Teacher handing out book awards to school children in a class]

Junior School exhibition of children's work - writing and drawing

[Junior school children] playing tea parties

Portrait of Tjulkiwa and Langaliki [sitting with large cooking pots] learning domestic science

Children playing games outside

Children sitting in the school yard with teachers listening to radio for lesson

Shirley Hill teaching year one class reading [the word is 'nyitayira']

Kunipau [sitting in class learning to count with cuisinaire rods]

Gillian in foreground using cuisinaire [rods for maths class on table in front]

Manyiritjanu (the teaching aide) supervisors her class of young students

[Mr Harris the inspector observes the teacher and the students playing in the Ernabella school yard]

[Unidentified school children sitting in class using cuisinaire rods to learn maths]

Group of unidentified children march to church

Junior Father Christmas [handing out gifts from a sack, to children gathered by the fence]

School children heading off in a truck on a school picnic

Ernabella school children receiving free milk issue

School art - [crayon drawing depicts children running to the river and drinking, and has a word 'Mulayangu' printed]

School art - [crayon drawing depicts children running to the river and drinking]