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Alick Jackomos with group of children on ANZAC day

Unidentified man, Daryl Wallace, Alick Jackomos, Stewart Murray, Charles Perkins, and Henry Wallace on ANZAC day

Charles Perkins and Kath Walker

Ellan O'Rourke holding Tilly

[Photograph of a sketch of] Senator Neville Bonner

Sir Douglas Nicholls

Linda Mobourne holding Terry Marks

Eve Fesl at Monash Aboriginal Research Centre

Keith Morgan carving emu eggs

Helen Morgan (nee Parsons) and Ron Edwards

Peter Mongta, artefact maker

Reg Worthy, director of Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs, visits home of Baker and Dolly Stewart

Syd Sampson and Owen Bull at Halfway House wood workshop

Jim Berg and Maurice Rioli (Administrator of Legal Services)

Lake Tyers residents receiving first aid certificates

Carmel and Karen Barry

Sharon Firebrace, Lois O'Donoghue, John Moriarty, and Evan Walker (minister responsible for Aboriginal Affairs)

Phillip Fenton, Murray Bull, Johnny Bryant, and Michael Edwards holding basketball trophies

[Group portrait of men and women] outside Echuca Aboriginal Co-op

Bindi Jack (flyweight champion of Australia), Alick Jackomos, Bobby Bath, and Russell Sands

Max Islam

Jean and Bob Egan talking to Ian Viner, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs

Kevin Coombes and Syd Sampson

Len Clarke, police liaison officer and Chairman of United Church Aboriginal Advisory Committee

Nora Connelly, known as Aunty Noonie

Kevin Coombes (Health Commission) opening health clinic at Rumbalara, with Violet Harrison beside him

Roslyn Watson, ballet dancer

Bill Tregoning and Wilfred Carter making mud bricks

Robert and Rodney Cockatoo [with Fosters Championship Cup]

Evonne Cawley (nee Goolagong) [playing tennis]

First Australian Aboriginal cricket team