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Front of convent (left) and school (at back), at high tide

Front of convent (left) and school (at back), at high tide

Looking west over to Fantome Bay

[A group of clergy men] on back verandah of the Presbytery

Doctor Hilyard-Smith walking with most Reverend Hugh Ryan [Doctor of Divinity]

[Bishop Hugh Ryan and others] on the occasion of the Bishop's biennial visit to the mission

Vertican plum tree in front of convent

Bella Murphy with her mother and father

Gladys - two girls [with leprosy] at leprosarium

Boys being towed behind launch

Looking towards the Church of England Church, [at the base of a hill]

[Family portrait of] Dorante family, outside a building under construction

Marriage at leprosarium church

[Group portrait by a palm tree, including] Tommy Hero, David Houligan, Cliffy Wyles, and Ralph Watson

Sunbird sitting on a nest on a wire hanging under verandah roof of Presbytery

[Garden area for those with leprosy]

'All aboard for launch ride' - children about to be towed somewhere by boat for a picnic

Unloading timber brought out from Townsville, from the barge 'Ado'

View of main settlement with large palm tree

Group of children standing on stairs of the Catholic School, with Lennie Miller and younger brother in front, and [Brother] Lacey

Group photograph [on the beach or on a riverbank] at New Years day

Photograph taken behind Madigan's camp, showing typical houses in the area, with tin roof and plaited coconut palms

[Men] having a dinner prepared by the Nuns, during Bishop Ryan's visit

[Father] Tom Dixon and Jimmy Daisy behind horse-drawn plough, clearing football field

Wedding [of] Eric Wyles and Norma Hodson, [with] Frank O'Malley as best man [and an unidentified bridesmaid]

[A group of men on a boat], out to get logs for verandah for Presbytery

[Father] Tom Dixon, [Brother] Lacey, [Brohter] Fogerty, and [Brother] Morrisey, playing a game of cricket

The mill, where the logs were sawn, brought by bullock and used for housing

Group in the 'Little Flower' launch

View of altar and front pews inside church

View [of bushland] towards Townsville, over Butler Bay

Looking over the settlement to Curacoa Island

Loading horse and horse box onto barge

Horse being [loaded onto the barge]

[Unloading cargo from the 'Alagna']

Group portrait: M Della Bosca, M Fagetty, P Goulivitch, Denis Cleary onboard the 'Alagna'

[Father] Tom Dixon, Des Carey, Tommy Murphy, Bella Maidment at the baptism of Tommy Murphy and Bella Maidment

[Father] Tom Dixon, [Captain] Dan Cleary and Basil Foster [standing together on a walkway]

? Money, Murphy, Thompson on boat

Des Carey [front row], with visitors from the 'Alagna' [outside a building]

Statue at the leprosarium, erected by [Royal Australian Air Force] during war

[Group portrait of men outside Presbytery]

Group of men gathered on the verandah of Presbytery

Bullock team [travelling up a hill]

Tony Hudson with hammer and Joe Boyd with pick, making road to open up the area

Pat Moloney and Greg Clarke at a funeral, going down from settlement to cemetery

[Group portrait, including] Alison and Bob Robertson outside church

Minnie Naradga (facing camera), when [Brother]'s football team came over from Townsville to play locals

Margory, [with white dress], brought up by Lewie Banfield having a nice 'bogie'

Looking from Casement to the settlement, north to Wallaby Point

Jimmy 'Q', [holding a shield, in front of] his house

Irene Clumpoint, first bridesmaid and Charlie Chookchook best man

Annabelle Ketchup and Isabelle Murphy [dressed for a wedding]

[Father] Pat Malony, Davie Marron, Jack Madigan

Group photo - Concert item in Convent school

Group photo Convent girls in best dress

Wedding - Hector Noble and Linda Daniels

Wedding - Hector Noble and Linda Daniels

Ivy Brown and Alma Yeatsman [dressed for a wedding]

From front of leprosarium, showing 'Tarra' all wooden boat

Neville Bonner (front right), Billy Kelly, digging a well

Vincent Dorante gathering coconuts [from up a tree]

[Group portrait outside near trees]

Margaret Miller, ? Kitty, Marjorie Miller [sitting by fallen tree branch]

Frangipani trees outside the Church

Wedding - Les Thimble, adopted son to Thora Doyle, and Linda Pattison

Wedding - Norma Hudson and Eric Wyles

Wedding - Greta Barry and Reggy James

[Group portrait at a wedding, photo includes W. Congoo, Les Thimble, Lindy thimble and Nola Congoo]

Alma Yeatesman, Mary Doyle, [G. Barry] and unknown girl dressed as Children of Mary

Neville Bonner (front left), Jim Lacey, Hanley from Madigan camp, digging well

Group portrait of 'Bogie' team on boat in the water

[Father] McDonnel with large group gathered outside, Christmas

'Little Flower' boat about to leave

Georgie Dorante [as a child, standing by boat in shallow water]

Group of [Indigenous] dancers put on a dance at leprosarium

Silas Prior who had just caught a turtle in dingy

Group of men on board the 'Irex' [ferry] going into town

[Father] Tom Dixon, with Doreen Watson, a deaf child

Jingle, smoking bamboo in a yard