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New Years Eve - [unidentified people sitting in possibly a lounge room]

New Years Eve - [unidentified people sitting in possibly a lounge room]

New Years Eve - [unidentified people sitting in possibly a lounge room]

Unidentified midwife holding Patjiparan's baby - 1 day old

Sister Barbara Sayers holding Patjiparan's baby

Eight day old Yaltjanki wrapped in a blanket, asleep

Ten day old Tjikatu laying on a blanket

Tinimai holding Wally Jacob

Mayana's first baby Wally Jacob, bathing in a bucket

Mayana's baby Wally Jacob, playing with a stick

Group of babies laying on blankets with toddlers sitting behind

One year old Milyika Alison Carrol smiling and playing with a rattle

Makinti sitting on the ground pointing to the camera wearing a yellow scarf

Toddlers playing in a cardboard box

Tinimai holding Wally whilst Langaliki stands beside her

Portrait of Milyika aged two and a bit

Malyungka sitting on the ground, digging with a stick

Wakuri (Puntjunku) holding a stick whilst standing on a hill

Toddlers and young children lined up possibly on school grounds

Group of unidentified Indigenous babies sitting in the shade together

Api and Amari sitting in the shade

Muwitja, Nyantjina, Yatjitja and Wilyati Norris sitting in the shade laughing

Yaltjangki and Peter

Portrait (from left) - Tinimai, baby, Malyungka and Gordon - during Christmas

Manuya enjoying water play in the paddle pool

From left - Api, Makinti and Amari, sitting in the shade, looking at a picture in a book

Two unidentified children sitting on the lawn, drying off after water play

Indigenous toddlers having a water play in metal tubs with Sister May Turvey

Unidentified children playing in shallow water at the clay pan

Cousins Wanatjura and Peter wrapped together in a blanket smiling

Niningka smiling riding a donkey

Children interacting (left to right) - Gillian, Yaritji, and Inyika

Portrait of Tjikalyi standing with Antjipalya

Group portrait of young Indigenous women standing on a rocky hill

Portrait of Nura holding her baby, standing with Nelly

Ernabella women and children line up for dinner

Lucy Lester dressed up in pink dress with matching white shoes, gloves and hat

Portrait of Tinimai standing in front of a gate

Group portrait of young girls sitting on a rock with buildings in the background

Portrait of Nura and Mayawara standing amongst foliage

Portrait of Ernabella craft worker, Nungalka Tjariya Stanley, standing by mountain

Portrait of Ernabella craft worker, Patjiparan, standing by mountain

Portrait of the Ernabella leading weaver, Muwitja, standing by mountain

Portrait of Ernabella leading craft worker and assistant teacher, Watulya, standing by mountain

Portrait of Ernabella leading craft worker, Nyukana Baker, standing by mountain

Portrait of Andy Tjiliri holding a caught lizard

Portrait of Gordon, standing with a dusty landcape behind him

Portrait of Kulinkarintjakunu, a blind medicine man sitting in the sunshine

Portrait of Tjapukula's father

Portrait (from left) - Nyalapanta's father and Old Taylor

Portrait of Nyunutja's father

Portrait of Dolly Ungakini and Polly Mayawara - wearing sun bonnets

Portrait of Helen, standing in the sunshine

Brian, Ungakini's baby, standing on the grass

Portrait (from left) - Makiniti Minutjukur and Milyika (Pitjantjatjara children)

Portrait of Patjiparan's son who is smiling, deep in thought

Rodney and Alyana's baby boy

Portrait of Wantamanya, Nura's son

Group portrait of Indigenous children sitting on the rocks eating damper

Portrait of Kintjiki, Lionel and Pantjiti's child

Portrait of Milyika

Portrait of Kuluri, who is little Mayawara's daughter

Portrait of Kulinkarintjakunu, sitting in sunshine

Portrait of Tjalumiya's and Owen's daughter, who is sitting amongst other children

Group portrait of Nganyintja and Charlie, standing with their children, outside a building

Portrait of Grant, one of the twins, sitting on a blanket in the sunshine

Portrait of Palku

Portrait of Mayana's Charlie - Kaltu kaltu number 2

Portrait of Peter and Tjalara's son

Portrait of Fat Charlie

Portrait of Jacky Mampultjanu, who is Peter's father

Portrait of Witjawara Curtis, who is one of the Ernabella craft spinners

Portrait of Grant [one of the twins?] eight months old, sitting on a blanket

Portrait of Helen

Portrait of Paddy

From left - Grant and Bobby, sitting in a pram with Puntjin pushing it

Portrait of Ngiltiniri Hogan, sitting with her baby Margot Hogan

Portrait of Kantjurin

Portrait of Manyngatja, sitting with her daughter

Portrait of a toddler and baby sitting on a blanket playing with Christmas ornaments

Portrait of Waltjaka

Portrait of Ngintja

Tinimai Ingkatji and Gordon Ingkatji sitting on the lawn with their children Tjutjana and Dianne

Portrait of Gordon and Tinamai Ingkatji's daughter Tjutjana

Group family portrait showing four generations - (from left) Katanari Tjilya holding baby Thomas Tjilya, Raymond Tjilya (Thomas’ father), Tommy Ngunanti (Raymond’s grandfather), Makinti Mayaru (Raymond’s mother) and Anawari Tommy (Raymond’s grandmother)

Portrait of Tony, Pulya and their children (left to right) Dora, Pamela and Andrew, sitting on the lawn with flower garden behind them

Portrait of Purki Edwards, Teddy Edwards and Tjanyiri Edwards sitting on the lawn smiling with flower garden behind them

Portrait of Anuna, Hector Burton and Munti standing together smiling

Portrait of Angkuna sitting on the lawn holding her children Nyangkulya and Katrina, with a flower garden behind them

Portrait of Mary and Ampiyi smiling, with building behind

Portrait of Goodwin holding her son

Portrait of Mayana sitting with her children, with a building behind

Portrait of Nura Rupert and her children sitting on the lawn

Pitjantjatjara girl - portrait of Jeannie, holding flowers (and crying)

Portrait of Ngiltiniri holding her baby Margot

Finke Frank leads wife Mayara who is blind, down a road

Muwitja sitting on a rug with her six month old daughter

Yakiti on horseback being supervised by an adult standing closely by

Portrait of Indigenous elder, Rama

Portrait of Georgie standing with sign post