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[Unidentified Indigenous family gathered near camp fire coals] - sheep camp scene

Unloading wool onto train at [Central Australian Railway]

Bill Elliott [tending to a] fly struck sheep

[Unidentified Indigenous child stands watching the sheep in the pen - situated near Araluen]

Sheep being herded at Balfour Well

[Possibly Bill Elliot delivering supplies to Indigenous people near Balfour Well]

Group portrait of Val standing with Indigenous hospital workers - possibly at Araluen hospital

Indigenous mother sitting in the camp with her children - Tja Tja area

Unidentified shepherds camping near Upson Downs

Unidentified child riding a horse, herding sheep

Group portrait of young Indigenous hospital workers

Group of adults seated with children as women in white aprons serve meals for toddlers

Medical treatment for community members - a line-up for triple antigen vaccinations

[Group gathered around the open door of the Northern Territory Medical Service plane] - doctor arriving for injections

Medical evacuation of Tjuwilya's father, to Alice Springs

Doctor Davies providing a Salk vaccine to shepherds' children at sheep station camp

Flying Doctor plane parked on airstrip with patients gathered around

Peter on a rug, after returning from hospital in Adelaide

A medic ushers in patients to the hospital during the 1957 Asian Flu epidemic

During Asian Flu epidemic - man serves meals to ill community members from the back of a vehicle

Portrait of Purki and first baby (who later died)

Portrait of two hospital babies and their midwives

Mayawa and baby with others at airstrip, off to Adelaide for treatment

Portrait of an unidentified baby on a blanket on grass

[The mission's] first twins, Grant and Graeme [being held by their mother with possibly a sibling sitting close by]

Portrait of Pilot Harry Moss and Doctor Emerson, on airstrip

Ilpil [on right] welcomes Harry Moss, Doctor Emerson and the new plane

Flying Doctor plane - the Dove

Malyungka [asleep on the floor with a meal sitting next to her]

Malyungka sitting in a chair with a blanket over her knees during rest time

Indigenous mother holds her child whilst Val gives medicine

Doctor Emerson on the wireless at the Flying Doctor base

Portrait of Imantura, Tinpulya and Tjukapati, sitting outside at Alice Springs hospital

Portrait of Sister O'Keefe with Talitali at the Alice Springs hospital [standing in front of a lemon or orange tree]

[Group portrait of community members before] taking Fletcher construction to Fregon

[Tuberculosis survey conducted by the anti-tuberculosis unit of New South Wales - health professionals screening for TB]

[Children standing with their mothers, outside the] School Dental Unit (Department of Public Health - School Health Service caravan)

Professor Ida Mann investigates a patient as Doctor Phyllis Rountree observes

[Nurse weighing an unidentified Indigenous baby]

Unidentified group of men and women standing in a courtyard whilst a young boy is presented a first aid certificate

Patients [gathered with family, sitting in the sunshine] at Alice Springs hospital

[Nursing staff possibly evaluating a toddler situated at the paediatrics] outpatient clinic

[Nursing staff possibly evaluating a toddler situated at the paediatrics] outpatient clinic

Opposite side of the paediatrics outpatient clinic - medicines on shelf and stethoscopes hanging from fridge door

[Street view of patients sitting possibly outside the] new hospital

Children standing on the Ilparpa claypan - West Macdonnell National Park ranges in the background

Lucy and Angkuna relax [possibly under a blanket]

High jinks on Oleanders lawn - group of unidentified girls performing handstands and cartwheels

Girls telling stories with sand and eucalypt leaves - Milpatjunanyi, Nganyintja, Angkuna and Mayawara

Unidentified Indigenous women gathered on the grass listening to the ever-popular gramophone

[Children playing in a swollen waterhole] after the rain

[Unidentified children cooling off in the] swimming pool

[A group of unidentified children gathered on the] swings

[Unidentified children laying on a rock face drying off] after swim

[Group of unidentified children and adults astride horse, camel and donkey ready to set] off for camping weekend

[Crowd of unidentified children with party hats, sitting on the lawn celebrating] Jamie Elliott's first birthday party

Unidentified men preparing for the spear throwing - part of the Christmas sports

Unidentified men preparing for the spear throwing - part of the Christmas sports

Unidentified men participating in the Tug-of-war - part of the Christmas sports

Unidentified women participating in the siamese race - part of the Christmas sports

Unidentified women participating in the orange-under-the-chin relay - part of the Christmas sports

Unidentified women participating in the blindfold race - part of the Christmas sports

[Unidentified group of women setting up the] picnic at Mount Ferdinand

[Unidentified women gathered around campfire coals] making damper [during the] H/C picnic

[Unidentified people] swimming at Itjinpiri Rockhole

[Unidentified group of women and girls] on the way up Mount Love

[Group of women sitting on rock escarpment of Mount Love with children walking up to them] - high jinks on Mount Love

Childen mucking around on Mount Love - still jinking!

Group portrait of Ernabella women during their picnic at Itjinpiri

Staff picnic lunch at Officer Creek (dry creek bed) in the APY Lands

[Group of women walking single file across a plain, towards possibly the Musgrave Ranges] - homeward bound

Unidentified women side saddle riding donkeys off to Itjinpiri

Children swimming after rain at Itjinpiri rock hole - Musgrave Ranges

Swimming in swollen rock hole - Itjinpiri

Slippery slide down rock face at Itjinpiri [rock hole]

L and C Rees gathered with the craft girls amongst others at the new well

Craft group [women and children] gathered in the tray of a ute, heading to picnic

[Unidentified group of women and children gathered around a fire at the] handcraft picnic behind Tja Tja

[Unidentified woman preparing] damper for all [art and] craft workers attending the picnic

Little Yuminiya with mask