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View of title 'Australia Twice Traversed' open to an image of the author Ernest Giles - European explorer of Western Australia

Explorer's stumps - [a landscape view of the Ernabella region]

[Ruin remains of the Brown family home which was built 1934 on the south side of Officer Creek]

Hann's initials at Erliwanyuwanyu (a rock hole south of Ernabella, now on Fregon land)

Camp - [landscape view containing children riding mules or hinneys - load of spinifex in the fore ground]

Portrait of [left to right] Lucy Lester, Purki Edwards and Mayawara Ukula Minutjukur kicking over spinifex

Yuminiya carrying a load of spinifex his back

People gathering spinifex for new wiltjas (shelters)

Loading truck with spinifex for wiltjas (shelters)

Three unidentified people building the framework of wiltja (shelter)

[Profile portrait of Muwitja sitting at the entrance of the] completed wiltja (shelter)

[Unidentified children of Ernabella region] removing sheets of corrugated iron from camp

Woman with load of wood [balanced on her head]

Unidentified men firelighting with woomera

Unidentified boys hurling spears

Camels owned by people of Ernabella

[Indigenous man walking his] own string of camels

[Landscape view of wild mules and hinneys grazing]

[Community members loading tame mules] - preparing for walkabout

[Camels in the background with a group of men gathered in foreground with preparations completed] ready for walkabout